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How to waste valuable time.

And so the fun begins! Ha ha! This is ALREADY the second time I have started this text due to software failure, and hey! I'm an IT professional so I should know what I'm bloody doing! Maybe I don't ha-ha! Ridiculous - However, I digress, lets slowdown time and flip in into reverse and rewind about 10 minutes ago, in the paragraph below (sorry, it doesn't get better from here...)

Well, here are! It must be over 10 years since I was sat crooked back over my keyboard punching my thoughts out onto a keyboard for my own web site. But why would I do this, and probably more importantly why should you care?! Well I'm like you, I too surf the internets, and have been doing for some time now...

fill me in please before i click stumble

20.02.20088 | 16 Comments

Like I said, I have been around on the net for around 14 years now, I was computing at a very early age of around 9 years old, with my first trusty spectrum +2 128K (the grey, and much better one ;p ) - I learnt how to program all on my own after spending hours and hours studying the most fabulous user manual ever put together, the Spectrum BASIC manual (oh joy!) and I was hooked! This lead onto more and more interest in computers and finding out about the awesome demo scene. I began to make (albeit these days pretty crap) my own demos and created thumping tracks to accompany them. I eventually moved up to the Amiga, which had more powerful sound capabilities (4 separate channels! woo hoo!) and amazing graphics at the time. I always thought it beat the SNES and Megadrive hands down with power, but alas the pirates ruined the machine, anyway....

Gradually I began to make more music than code and I slipped into being a musician who now dabbled in code. Then I moved on to the PC in the very early stages, just as DOOM was about to be released (more info on my demo scene back ground). So now I was at the age of around 19, and my music wasn't making any money and I needed to live, so with my already extensive IT knowledge, I got into being a systems administrator, fast forward many more years and you're here - I don't do that much music (but that going to change now my page is back) and now I have something else I need to say, is that things annoy me! And I can't keep them to myself anymore, sorry! But don't worry, I will dispense my worldly gained wisdom (if there's such a thing) along with my indiscriminate moanings. Lets being. (or you can now click stumble)

Owe!, my leg hurts. But that's one of the problems of getting old and trying to slouch like teenager on the floor while your mind dribbles upon a keyboard.. Let's be strong and fight through the pain and shake that stitch! This Way --->>> 

TV Crap

21.02.2008 21:30 |  Comments

So what’s it all about then? What! I hear you shout! Well, Television. That’s what I mean. The Tele, TV, Telly box, the goggle box. Call it what you want, have it any size you desire, there is one big problem with the TV these days…. I have come to the conclusion that all TV shows are nothing more than mindless drivel and are a complete waste of time. I suppose an example would be a good start before you start shouting at the screen “I love X-factor, Simon Cowel is hunky and everyone is so so so talented on that show and the contestants are not even one bit annoying and don’t make you want to thump a kitten…

For example. I come home from work, at around 5.30pm and as I have small children, we mostly have Cbeebies on until the little ones go to bed at 7pm, and then the fun starts – what can I watch! The quick answer is nothing, I won’t keep you from that fact. Everything from 7 until 9 is utter tosh, awful relocating location in under the sun housey programmes and once you seen one of those types of shows, they always seem very samey. There’s one on right now, some fat looking beer bellied crooked nosed man and his equally at war with ugly stick, both twittering on about something they think I want to know. I don’t need to know anything about these people at all, but alas, they carry on… the fat bloke has just said “probably get a few pigs for the freezer”. Nice.

I must admit though. I do like the odd show, but what usually happens with a show I really like is I spend so long flicking through the tosh of pure brain diarrhea, I somehow always catch the last 2 minutes. That’s really is annoying, ggr! And I know, you can record all your fave shows with these modern telly boxes and digi dishes, but like I have already said, most of it is rubbish, and I certainly don’t need to record rubbish off the tele that I’m missing, to then watch it when I get in.


I mean with the wonders of the Internets and the super information highway now has a 10mb link to my computer – you can pretty much catch the shows you missed online. And even most production companies decided to make available legal shows for you to watch when you want. But, what I think what has happened with Tv over the years is pretty obvious to me, when in England we only had 4 channels (We only got our fourth in 81) – There talent pool of writes and actors and all the other important people that make a great show wasn’t so spread around. Now we have 150+ channels, and this means that also the talent is spread thinly too. The idea from the past that more choice is better is not always the right way forward – less choice and more quality – with good healthy competition thrown in to keep the show makers on their toes.

I’ll try not to waffle on too much, as we could really be here most of the evening (or until I finish my bottle of wine…) I’m hoping to write about some big shows and some of the other, rather clever if I may say so myself, conclusions about them too. “Lost” is a show that I’m had under the microscope lately after stupidly deciding to carry watching the 3rd series, were supposed to be only 30 days in – but its really been 3 frickin years!! So if the writes have already decided the show will span 180 days – that’s 18 years of Lost – and I really will lose my marbles far earlier than I should if I keep watching and trying to work out WTF is going on, as they literally write the next episode as they go along. What Tosspots!!

Anyway, for you convenience I have compiled a little list of smart things you must watch on the webs, my personal favourite has to be Reefer Madness, clearly the work of a genius, absolutely awesome J (you here by agree that you cannot hold me responsible for the hours, months and years of your life you will loose through trailing through my links) :

Reefer Madness (before clicking – make a brew and let the dog out, its 1hour30 and you don’t want to miss one bit)